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At Clearview our screenings are always provided at no charge. Dr. Ryne personally conducts each and every screening. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality care and because we understand the time commitment required, we work hard to ensure that you are seen promptly at your scheduled appointment time.

No salespeople or telemarketers will contact you after your screening. Some centers advertise a free screening; however, in many instances a salesperson or technician conducts the screening. In order to be seen by a doctor they charge a fee, even though this fee will be deducted from your LASIK procedure it actually creates a financial barrier to keep you from visiting other centers.

If you would like to reserve a seat, please call the laser center at 817-329-2700, or complete the information requested below (once completed click "Schedule (send)" once).

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Plan on being at the laser center for approximately one hour on the day of your consultation.

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