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Why Clearview

At Clearview Eyecare and Laser Center we understand that the decision to undergo laser vision correction is a serious one and should not be made quickly, but carefully. Know the facts! There are many reasons we recommend that patients become educated before undergoing LASIK eye surgery. All laser centers are not created equal, so knowing what to ask before moving forward can be of great benefit to all prospective patients to ensure you will be receiving the quality care you deserve.


Intralase is the first all computerized, all laser (blade-free) LASIK surgery ever. This FDA approved, minimally invasive, approach provides a level of confidence and predictability unmatched in vision correction surgery. In fact, IntraLase virtually eliminates many of the possible complications.

Clearview utilizes the IntraLase laser for all of our patients because it is safer and significantly reduces the possibility of risk and unpredictable outcomes.

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Visante can detect weak areas on the back surface of the cornea (clear covering over the colored part of the eye). The WavePrint System is a diagnostic instrument that aids in the customization of the laser treatment. Both of these devices improve the quality and safety of laser surgery. The information provided from these devices helps insure that only good candidates undergo laser vision correction.


At Clearview Eyecare and Laser Center we offer the VISX Star S4. Our laser features an eye tracking device, which adds a level of safety to the procedure; we highly recommend lasers with this capability. For further information we have provided the following link:

Number of Procedures Performed

Dr. Robert Lyons is a board certified ophthalmologist who has performed thousands of surgical procedures. As a testament to his skill and reputation, he has been entrusted to perform laser vision correction surgery on people from all walks of life.

Controlled Environment

Early on in the development of this technology we learned the importance of always performing the procedures under the same atmospheric conditions for each and every patient. The VISX Star laser only removes 1/4000 millimeter of tissue per pulse, but depending on humidity, temperature and air current over a patient's eyes there can be variations. To control these variables, Clearview Eyecare and Laser Center has installed a Liebert System that keeps the temperature, humidity and airflow constant for each and every patient regardless of outside weather conditions. Liebert systems are highly recommended by laser manufacturers.

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